Embroidery Design In A Competitive Market

You may have noticed that some of your favorite designers are no longer around. The machine embroidery industry has grown and so have the number of digitizers. The market has become highly competitive because of this.

Great designers have to compete with digitizers that release 1 to 4 sets per day.

These designs are often autodigitized and untested. The websites show cute designs, but these are not photos of the actual stitch out of designs. These are graphics produced by software and don't show how they actually look when sewn. Autodigitized designs look flat and boring. The digitizers who auto digitize designs have put little effort and time into their designs so they can afford to sell them at rock bottom prices.

Quality minded designers go to great lengths to produce designs for sale. This includes purchasing artwork, digitizing, testing and retesting designs until they sew out perfectly. We take great care to make our designs dimensional and interesting. We use a lot of supplies and take a great deal of time to complete just one design. We go through the same process for every design we create. This is why quality designers put out fewer designs at a higher price.

Sometimes as designers we lose heart when we see so many low quality designs sold for pennies. We wonder why we continue to spend our time and efforts creating quality designs. Some designers decide it's just not worth it and close down their websites.

As Platinum Designers we provide designs that we are proud to present to our customers. We may charge a little more than some of our competitors, but you can be sure that our designs have been tested and look great on fabric. You can also know that our designs will sew with minimal jump stitches and no unnecessary color changes. Our designs will not cause thread and needle breakage. We support our work to help you if you do run into trouble.

Yes, the embroidery design market is competitive. But our Platinum Designers are confident that our designs are worth every penny. Our customers tell us so every day. One way to find out for yourself is to purchase one of our Platinum Treasures collections. Each of the collections has a variety of designs from our Platinum Designers. It's a great way to sample quality designs from Platinum Designers.

Lyn Christian - A Design By Lyn
Bonnie Domeny - Threadlove Embroidery