Design Quality and Price

WHY are some designs priced at over $20 and other designs are less for what seems to be the very same designs?

Design quality will be as different as the digitizer that creates it, the sewist that embroiders it and the fabric and stabilizers used to create the finished product.

First, consider artwork, where did it come from, the cost, if it is exclusive to that digitizer or used by many, if it is special to us.

Second, take into consideration the design. Is it created with the correct underlay, will the outline hit, is the density too thick or too thin. Did the digitizer digitize the design with manual digitizing software or auto-digitizing software that just did it for her?

A good digitizer will digitize laying the underlay and stitches by hand to create a design that will sew with perfection no matter what the fabric. She will create stitches on top of that underlay that will compliment the design in flow and in pattern. She will not use excessive pattern fills that will detract from the design; she will choose to change her angles and her flow to make the design seem to have shadows and a dimensional shape. She will test that design on fabric, she will make any adjustments that are necessary and then test again until it is perfect in her eyes, sometimes as many as 10 times. She will on many occasions, even after it is perfect for her, send it to a tester with a different machine or machines to confirm that it will sew as well on another machine by another person as it will on her own machine doing it her way.

Now, we also have to look at what happens when that design leaves the hands of the digitizer. A good digitizer knows that she has to have that design workable for most types of fabrics, but she also has to trust that the consumer will take the time to use the proper stabilizer and threads to compliment the design. If you take a t-shirt and stabilize it with a paper towel it will not come out looking anything like the same design done on a t-shirt with a good iron on or sticky back stabilizer that will stop the stretch of the t-shirt fabric. A design sewn with serger thread will not look near the same as a design embroidered with a good quality Poly or Rayon thread.

A digitizer that is putting out 3-4 sets a week cannot be taking the time to test those designs on fabric and making sure they are works of art...or even art that works.

Embroidery is an art, and as such is only as good as the artist. I always think of it this way........... Each piece of embroidery I digitize is a representation of my skills and my pride in workmanship. I am only willing to give as a gift to my very best friend a design that says "I think you are perfect in every way and I celebrate you".

- Lyn Christian - A Design By Lyn