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Please note that we are NOT a mall.  We just thought you might like a collection of designs from some of your favorite digitizers all in one place.

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Snow Lady Designs A Design By Lyn

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Mother Hen's Quilt Embroidery
Designed By Jane Art in Stitches Madsen Originals Young At Heart Embroidery

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12-15-16   Dec 2016  Snowmen  
11-15-16  Nov 2016  Coasters
10-15-16  OCT 2016  SPOOKY
09-15-16  Sept 2016  12 Days of Christmas FSL 
08-15-16 August 2016  Leaves of Fall 
05-15-16 May 2016  A Bit of this and that 
04-11-16 April 2016  A Bit of this and that 
03-11-16 March 2016  Line Up just a little ZEN
12-15-15  Dec 2015  Holiday and Winter Fun
11-15-15  Nov 2015  Fall and Winter are in the air
05-15-15  May 2015  Flowers and Free Standing Lace
03-15-15  March 2015  Spring Inspirations, Buttons, flowers and more
12-15-14  December 2014  Applique and Winter Critters and more
11-15-14  November 2014  Mug Rugs, Mittens, Birds and more
10-15-14  Fall 2014  Scarecrows, fall, owls and more
03-15-14  March 2014  Birds, flowers, butterflies, topiary and more
01-15-14  January 2014  Owls, flowers, leaves and borders
11-15-13  Wintry Sleigh Ride A Collection of Winter fun Designs
10-15-13  In the Hoop Scoop A Collection of In The Hoop Designs
08-15-13  Get Out of the Kitchen A Collection of Kitcheny fun
07-15-13  Just add Sand and Water A Collection of beachy summer fun
06-15-13  Land of the Free A Collection of Patriotic Red, White and Blue
05-15-13  Here Comes the Bride A Collection of elegant things
04-15-13  Moms are Sew Special  A Collection of things any woman would love
03-15-13  Up Up and Appliqué  A Collection of Appliqué that takes flight.
02-15-13  A Little Bit Irish  A Collection of Blarney
01-15-13  Hearts and Roses  A Collection of elegance and Romance
12-25-12   Designers Choice A Collection of favorite things from your favorite designers
11-30-12   Winter Chill A Collection of winter things from your favorite designers
11-15-12   Ornaments 2012 A Collection of ornaments from your favorite designers
10-31-12   Backwoods  A collection of woodsy leaves, animals and more
09-30-12   Just One Color A collection of simple one color elegance
08-30-12   Eastern Influence A collection with an Asian Fla
07-30-12   Beachy Keene A collection Of Beachy Designs
06-30-12   Outside the Lines A collection Of Quircky Outside the lines
05-31-12   Paisley Passion A collection Of twirly swirly paisley
04-30-12   Oh Sew Crewel A collection with the look of Crewel Handwork
03-28-12   Road Trip A collection perfect for vacations and get aways
02-25-12   Lets Make Music A collection perfect for little bits of Music 
01-24-12   MAN CAVE A collection perfect for a Man Cave and More
12-15-10  Let It Snow
12-02-10  Holiday Ornaments A Special Holiday Collection
01-15-10   ALPHABETS   

The goal of Platinum Embroidery, is your satisfaction and return business, 

and every effort will be made to achieve that goal.

The designs you will download from Platinum Embroidery are software programs, and by their nature they cannot be refunded or exchanged.  No refunds will be given.  

Exchanges will be allowed only in the event of defective disk or CD on designs that have been mailed.



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A Platinum Glossary


Platinum Embroidery - is a group of designers/digitizers who have joined together to provide sampler collections of the finest quality designs for your stitching enjoyment, and to introduce you to digitizers who are dedicated to their craft.  We also provide education and help.  We are NOT a mall.

Platinum Design Collections - are our sampler collections of designs from the designers of Platinum Embroidery.  This collection is often designed from exclusive art work so you can try out quality work from all of us.  Our Platinum Design Collections will be offered at a lower introductory price for a limited time.  New Platinum Design Collections will be released approximately every 6 weeks.

Platinum Single Designs - Create your own mini collection! If you would prefer not to purchase an entire Platinum Design Collection, or would like only a few designs, but they are part of different collections, now you can select 1 or more of your favorite designs from any of the collections to make your own "Petite Platinum Package". 

Platinum Press - is our newsletter.  We send it out every two weeks, with the occasional Special Edition.  In the Platinum Press, you will find lots of news you can use!  There are projects, informational articles, how-to techniques, and Platinum Pearls.

Platinum Pearls - are little bits of information, often answering questions we receive from you, our readers.  Combined, we have over 100 years of embroidery experience,  and are happy to help with any questions or problems you have.  We also have a variety of software and machines represented, so may be able to help with almost any brand.

Platinum Promise - means that Platinum Embroidery designs are crafted to be a pleasure to stitch. Our careful planning results in designs with the fewest possible jump stitches and color changes, underlay to prevent distortion and stitch choices that make the artwork come to life.  Every design is meticulously test-stitched to be sure each part embroiders perfectly and that the stitches work together to create a design that is as much a joy to stitch as it is to see.