April 23, 2013

Finger VS Machine

For all those special women in our lives. The mom who gave you life, the special lady that means so much, your very best friend, your daughter, your teacher, your neighbor or any woman that has touched your life. Make them feel special.
This collection is called
"Mom's Are Sew Special"
Who is sew special to you? Touch them the way that they have touched your life with a special something just to let them know they are loved and so appreciated.

Clearance Designs
Fall Frolics
Reading is Fun

Be sure to enjoy all of the design collections and singles available at Platinum Embroidery. Crafted with care to make embroidery more fun!

The Designers of
Platinum Embroidery

WARNING: This article includes a graphic picture so if you are squeamish with regards to blood, you might want to bypass the link below. This is not meant to offend anyone, but rather show you just how powerful our embroidery machines are. The page below is a show and tell about my recent experience with needles and fingers and running embroidery machines.


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