December 2015

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A Design By Lyn

Small and XL Hoop Design Small and XL Hoop Design Small and XL Hoop Design
2.80x3.82 & 4.99x6.62 in
71.1x97.0 & 126.8x173.3 mm
4,603 & 8,427 st
2.76x 3.82 & 4.78x6.63 in
70.0x97.1 & 121.4x168.3 mm
5,945 & 10,674 st
1.79x 3.86 & 3.12x6.75 in
45.5x98.1 & 73.9x171.5 mm
4,702 & 8,105 st

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Mother Hen Quilt Embroidery

XL Hoop design Applique 5x7 Hoop design Applique DesignByDawn Crystals 18 10ss and 6 6ss  AB Color or you can use seed beads and sequins like this one.
 5.06 x 6.93 inches
128.4 x 176.0 mm 
13,594  stitches 
4.75 x 6.49 inches
120.7 x 164.9 mm 
8,958  stitches
 2.95 x 2.58 inches
75.0 x 65.6 mm 
3,630  stitches

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Snowlady Designs

5x7 Hoop design 5x7 Hoop design 5x7 Hoop design


4.99 x 4.96 inches 
126.7 x 126.0 mm 
6,944  stitches 
4.99 x 4.98 inches 
126.7 x 126.6 mm 
5,018  stitches 
2.24 x 6.98 inches 
57.0 x 177.3 mm 
7,997  stitches 

Look for the GlitterFlex kit from DesignByDawn    If you are not interested in glitterflex you can also use these designs to make beautiful line stitches, the line stitched design can also be painted, or fabric with iron on backing can be cut and used. 

Some fun project instructions included in the full collection this month

Look for the GlitterFlex kit from DesignByDawn

"December 2015"


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Special Price $13.95   


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Artwork credits to the following for some parts and designs

Design Stitch Digi Scrap Kits : ClipartoonClipartopolisRaggity ScrappinDesigns By Trina

Graphics Factory : Dover : JB Graphics : Delightful Doodles : Sugar Bear Graphics : EmbroideryArtSite

Embroidering Colors : Country Life GraphicsWhimsy Doodle Graphics JaguarWoman Ditty Bag